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Mercado Radar collects and provides market information, with over 40 million products monitored every day. Our dynamic reports help you discover and create strategies to sell more.


We help brands maintain competitiveness, profitability, and improve pricing strategy to provide a better customer experience, combat counterfeiting, and protect the brand.


With Mercado Radar, online retailers have access to precise market insights, with updated and relevant data, giving them more time for strategic decision-making and increasing the efficiency of the company.


Track closely your brand positioning, segmentation, and value perception monitoring the Minimum Advertised Prices practiced by the market on partner websites and marketplaces.

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Data is the new oil

Online price monitoring provides a large amount of real-time data about competition and the market, allowing companies to make more informed strategic decisions.
Through technology, data is collected accurately and reliably, allowing companies to make more precise and effective analyses. With more agility, it’s possible to identify market opportunities, predict trends, and anticipate demands.
Online price data analysis allows companies to customize their pricing and marketing strategies according to customer preferences and behaviors, increasing the effectiveness of sales and marketing actions in e-commerce.

Prices and insights updated at real time

We monitor over 1,000 websites in real time, enabling strategic decision-making based on data, optimizing prices, achieving greater competitiveness, and providing a better experience for the end consumer.

Data collection

We use world-class technology to collect public data with servers distributed worldwide, and complies with GDPR regulations. Price data collection is fully automated, allowing business to analyze price trends, variations among retailers, and identify opportunities to optimize prices and increase competitiveness.

Artificial intelligence

After data collection, artificial intelligence analyzes product titles, photos, and descriptions to classify them according to specific characteristics, such as size, color, material, and other attributes.

Dynamic reports

Build reports according to your business needs to extract information and insights in just a few clicks.

Get data in the way you need

Our data delivery is designed to provide scalable information for your business.
Your team of analysts can consume information directly from our dynamic reports or use our API to provide data to the internal tools you already use, such as Tableau and Power BI.

SaaS • Software as a Service

All your data in one place, analyze your data and easily create reports on our platform.

DaaS • Data as a Service

Our Data-as-a-Service model provides data in any file format.

REST API • Plug & Play Access

Easily gather and seamlessly integrate all collected data with your system via API.

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